About Us

We provide birth and postpartum support to all people and all types of families here in our Milwaukee community. We are trained Doulas through Doula Trainings International (DTI), an inclusive birth community.  We are passionate about supporting and empowering your family during this intimate, powerful time of your lives.

Benefits of Having a Birth Coach


  •  Safer, more fulfilling birth experiences
  •  Instant access to knowledge and resources in Milwaukee
  •  Peace of mind knowing you have a professionally trained coach in your corner during the twists and turns of your story

Our Philosophy

This is YOUR experience.

We have taken time to connect across the lines that sometimes exist. Regardless of your background or birth decisions, you can expect respect. So come as you are. We can’t wait to get to know you.

We serve the whole community.

We will help you feel confident, comfortable, and supported. We can also help you navigate unexpected situations that naturally arise during childbirth. Through everything, we will follow your lead, advocating for what feels right for you and your baby.

Doulas provide more fulfilling and safer births.

Studies have shown it and we think everyone deserves this, which is why we provide a few scholarships each year to women in our community. If you feel moved to help your neighbors, we offer you an opportunity to fund partial or full scholarships.

About Us

Crystal, Deanna, and Sandra have been trained by DTI (Doula Trainings International).  

Check out their website for more information about our approach!


Doula Crystal

My style is nurturing and direct. I’m an open, culturally aware person, and truly love helping people. I’m also a consultant by trade, so tend to be action-oriented. As your Doula, I’m committed to truly understanding you and to helping you create your best experience.

Each person’s story is unique, and I want to be with you while yours unfolds. For most, this story is joyful, and for many it is layered with complexity. Becoming a parent for me included loss, and eventually great joy as a foster and adoptive parent.

I first learned about Doulas a few years ago when one helped me prepare for my role as a birth coach at my daughter’s birth. This experience was powerful and inspiring! It was an incredible gift, and almost two years later I realized I couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to help more families in those first hours and months.

I decided to become a Doula.

I encourage you to come to this experience as you are. 

I’d love to meet you!


Doula Deanna

I am so happy that you are considering a birth coach. Bringing a child into the world is such an amazing experience, but it can also be overwhelming. Every birth is different! But the need to feel supported is the same. There are so many questions, so many decisions, and so much that is unknown.  

I came to this work after a few families that are a part of my network asked me to provide doula services for them. It is such an honor to be with a growing family! After each birth I assisted with, I felt an overwhelming pull towards providing the service to other people. I believe that a Doula can give significant support to a birthing parent at a very critical time-the beginning of a new life!  

I also have two children of my own, and while my labor was different for both of them, I enjoyed being pregnant, laboring, and bringing my children home. My goal is to help other parents find that joy. I am looking forward to meeting you and learning more about your goals!  

I would love to be on this journey with you.

Doula Sandra

I have been in the education and social work field for the majority of my career. Becoming a doula felt like a natural progression for me, especially after my first child. I feel that at the core of my work has been highlighting the strengths of the individuals I have served and I want to extend this to your birth experience. 

I am a proud mother of two, which I birthed via cesarean section. I enjoyed being pregnant, bringing my babies home and parenting. I am excited to share and support you during this amazing time in your life.

I understand that each birthing person and their families have unique qualities, needs and hopes, and I plan to help foster this in the care and support that you receive. I know that each person's birth story is different and my goal in supporting you is that you walk away owning your experience. I am excited that you are considering a doula for your birth and I look forward to meeting you. 

Our Services


Birth & Labor Coaching

To make sure your birth experience is made just for you, we’ll connect in person during your pregnancy. We also typically like to stay in the loop during your pregnancy through texting and will support you in person during the birth.  We will visit you in your home a few days after your baby is born to celebrate and make sure you are settling in.

Please note that we have a 1:1 model! What does that mean? For every person who can pay full price, we are then able to provide our services for free or at a reduced rate to a pregnant woman who otherwise could not afford them. This allows us to reach our goal of helping EVERYONE have access to high-quality birth care! 


Postpartum Support

The first few days and weeks together as a new or expanded family are incredibly important and some of our most joyful. Between physical and emotional recovery, beginning to breastfeed, the added home responsibilities, and simple exhaustion, families can really benefit from seamless, in-home support. Postpartum Doulas support families in a variety of ways. We often have the privilege of discussing the family’s joys and challenges, offering a hand by making simple meals and doing light housework, offering referrals if needed, caring for your children, and can even come to help during the night so everyone can get some rest. 

Daytime: $30 hourly rate, typically booked in 4-hour blocks. 
Nighttime: $40 hourly rate, typically booked in 8-10 hour blocks

Contact Us

Birth Coach Milwaukee

(414) 939-6418


"It is like encouragement just seeped out of her."

​"I feel like I could not have done it without her."

"It is like encouragement just seeped out of her."

I was so happy to have someone in my corner.  She was able to help answer my questions and make me more comfortable through the process. 

Dana, Mother

"It made all the difference."

​"I feel like I could not have done it without her."

"It is like encouragement just seeped out of her."

When our doula walked into the room she changed the entire mood of the room.  She brought such a positive energy and advocated for my wife so that we had the birth experience we wanted. 

-Jassie, Father

​"I feel like I could not have done it without her."

​"I feel like I could not have done it without her."

​"I feel like I could not have done it without her."

I was excited about being pregnant, but also terrified.  My doula helped me stay focused and calm during the labor process.  Before I went to the hospital I was also way calmer because she was by my side the whole time.

-Cubbie, Mother